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Kali Tal

In all areas of my life, I am an incorrigibly interdisciplinary synthesist, which explains my attraction to collage, assemblage, weaving, mixed media, and digital art. I’m also restless and a relentless novelty seeker, so I’m continually driven to explore new styles and acquire new techniques and skills. Composition and color are my main interests, and also surprising juxtapositions that inspire emotional reactions.

I grew up with art (my parents are collectors), but I was told from a young age that I didn’t have the talent to be an artist. My mother is a good painter and an even better critic, with an eye for developing talent so our walls were hung with work by people who had recently or would soon become well known. Beside the work of new artists were scattered works by Miro, Calder, and Vasarely, while the surfaces featured her collection of fine Inuit sculpture, which she began collecting in the 1970s. So you might imagine that it was daunting to be told that I was the daughter who did not inherit her visual talent, and that I should confine myself to the literary and academic realm.

I thus did not develop my small talent for drawing until my late teens, and did not seriously practice it or learn to paint until my college years. My confidence in my abilities was slight, and so I was too shy to take art courses. I remain mostly self-taught, collecting books on technique and working my way through them. I’m a sporadic practitioner, but diligent in my active phases. I continue to be inspired by the work of other artists, and to stretch by integrating and testing out perspectives and techniques I admire. Though I’ve steadily sold a tiny trickle of work over the years and given away a much larger amount, I work primarily to please myself. When that pleases others, I’m glad.

Many of the physical works featured here are no longer in my possession, but feel free to ask if you run across one you would like to live with. Almost all the digital pieces are available in some form, and I can produce those as NFT and/or prints. Quite a few of these images are lovely on printed products, from mugs to the fabulous sherpa fleece blankets produced by Collage.com, so let me know if you’re interested in owning them in some form.